Integrating Christian Thinking with the World of Ideas

…by Henry Neufeld

I started to use the word “Energion” as the name of a fantasy role-playing game world more than 20 years ago. When I wanted to set up a domain on which to maintain a site for information and opinion on religion and various related issues, I thought the name was appropriate. To me, it has always meant the energy for creative thinking and imagining. With my greater involvement in Christian theology, I started to use it for my publications. What I believe is needed in Christian society today is following the Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and that, I believe, means creative thinking as Christians.

We need to be creative about how we understand the world, how we integrate Biblical ideas with daily life, and how we make our experience and theology work together so we can grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Energion.com is a place to stimulate your thinking and start your research. I hope this will be a place where new approaches, unorthodox thinking and creative ideas will be born. I also hope it will provide the opportunity to test those ideas and let them grow with integrity. Creativity without testing and community simply becomes chaos. But the organized church too often becomes a straigtjacket, killing creative thinking before it can have a real chance to prove its worth.

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