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Energion.com is a sponsor of the Scholars' Corner section of the Religion Forum on CompuServe.

Scholars' Corner Message Section

Current topics of interest:

  • Confessions of a Liberal Charismatic
    This is my shamelessly self-serving thread about my new book Not Ashamed of the Gospel: Confessions of a Liberal Charismatic. Those who would like to respond to me about things I said in that book can make use of this thread.
  • Interpreting Genesis
    This is an ongoing thread in which I am discussing the interpretation of Genesis with several people. Come and join in!
  • Theism and Scientific Thinking
    Can one think scientifically and truly believe in God? Does a belief in God or divine revelation necessarily exclude rational thought?
  • Sacrifice and Substitution
    Are the sacrifices of the Israelite system truly substitutionary? How does this relate to the Christian doctrine of the sacrificial death of Christ and the atonement? Come join the discussion. (This one is slow moving so you don't have to dedicate huge amounts of time on a daily basis!)
  • Is Bible history true? Does it matter?
    This is actually in the Christianity section, but is a very interesting discussion about the Bible and history, and resulting from that how we should form doctrine.
  • Disproving Supernatural Theism
    A very interesting discussion about the logical difficulties with supernatural theism and how one might respond to them. This thread includes persons speaking from a wide range of perspectives. One contributor is Chris Eyre, author of our current guest essay.

Note: Using CompuServe Forums is now free via the internet. If you've never been there, the links above will take you to a log-in screen. There, you can enter any CompuServe account information, or use your AOL or AOL Instant Messenger screen name, or create a free new account with a username and password.

What I mean by Moderate Christian Theology

By "moderate Christian theology" I mean the doctrinal views of those who are moderate, relaxed, and open in how they deal with the world, but who take the Christian religion and Christian spirituality seriously. They will have an interest in the Bible, and in Biblical studies, but will also be interested in interfaith dialog and will not pressure their neighbors. Their primary form of witness is by their life, but they do not hide the fact that they are Christians. They let their light shine through deeds first, then words, and even through signs.

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What is available on Energion.com?

We pursue new thinking and creative ideas through essays, research resources and book reviews. In addition, Energion.com is the home page of Energion Publications, which publishes the Participatory Study Series of Christian tracts and books on Biblical studies, theology and religion. We would like to become your home page for the study and understanding of Christian religion.

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